Control your home securely control and monitor your home using the Home-Connekh application.

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What is Home-Connekh?

With Home-Connekh, you can control your household appliances from selected European brands easily and intuitively using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to pre-heat the oven from your office or you want to know whether your dishwasher needs some more rinse aid while you are in the supermarket – all these things are already possible with Home-Connekh. And that’s not all. Home-Connekh offers a whole range of functions that go far beyond remotely controlling your household appliances: you’ll be given tips and tricks on using the appliances and suitable accessories which you can order in just a few clicks, as well as recipe ideas, information on the status of your appliances and technical support help for any malfunctions.

How does Home-Connekh work?

Home-Connekh is the first app that enables control of various household appliance brands. In future, you will be able to invest in networked household appliances without having to buy the same brand each time.

Household appliance manufacturers can equip the latest generation of devices with the Home-Connekh standard. Some appliances by selected European brands are already compatible with Home-Connekh. Find out more about our partners and household appliances with Home-Connekh functionality