To encourage and promote the development of local innovation in ICT industry, Angkor E&C, a local ICT SME was selected to provide innovative technical solutions for the “Sand Dredging Management System”.

Sand Dredging Management System offers a full online business reporting and management of licensee’s sand exploitation activities through online recording of locations, traffics and activities of Pumping-Dredging Boat, Pumping-Transport Boat and Transport Boat used by licensees.

Sand Dredging Management System has been implemented and perform the following functions:

1 – Showing sand exploitation zones, and all sand boats of licensees on Map.

2 – Management of data locations, traffics and activities of all sand boats in order to generate monthly/yearly business reports of each licensee.

3 – Online monitoring and alerting on illegal sand exploitation of registered sand boats outside the authorized zones and authorized dredging period.

4 – Assistance on-site inspection against any illegal sand exploitation.

Sand Dredging Management System composes of Cloud Computing Technology and Internet of Things Technology which integrate GPS and mobile telecommunication system in order to create an interactive interface (easy use by multi-users via multi-devices, easy installation and maintenance) and reliable hardware correspond to the above requirement.

Sand Dredging Management System composes of :

1 – Module GPS Controller : to be equipped with dredging and transportation boats in order to provide real time information of location, status, and traffic of sand boats.

2 – Cloud server : is set up at Ministry of Mines and Energy in order to remotely record, process, manage all data and connect to all equipped Module GPS Controllers and Client devices.

3 – Sand Dredging Management System Software : is a web application installed on cloud server that provides online ….

4 – Sand Boat Tracker Application : is a mobile application for inspector. It provides an easy on-site inspection function in remote location with limited internet access.