The Mini-Scada “LBS Terminal Server” is a customized solution (including hardware and software) for control & monitoring remotely LBSs and/or Auto-reclosers from EDC control center via SMS.

It is used for:

Improving efficiency and reducing cost of operation of electrical distribution network,
Providing automatic fault alerts of LBSs for maintenance actions,
Improving time-saving in control of LBSs,
Providing user-management for better responsibility of staffs,
Recording all relevant data for further technical & business analysis.
The LBS Terminal Server software is simply installed on PC-Server equipped with a customized GSM-MoDem and an Alarm Sounder. The system has been installed and put in operation since December 2013. Until now, the system has been reported no error. The network topology of mini-scada “LBS Terminal Server” and some features are shown in below figures.



The network topology of Mini-Scada “LBS Terminal Server”:


LBS Terminal Server: “User login”


User-friendly Interface: “Main window of LBS Terminal Server”


Main features of LBS Terminal Server